cds for sale!

$3 each or all for $50.00.
The Tea Party-Triptych
John Mayer-Room for Squares
Ani Difranco-Out of Range
Eric Clapton-Unplugged
Sinead O'Connor-Faith and Courage
Magnolia Soundtrack
Temple of the Dog-
Counting Crows-Recovering the Satellites
Matthew Good Band-Beautiful Midnight
Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream
Sarah MacLachlan-Surfacing
Our Lady Peace-Gravity
Ben Folds Five-Naked Baby Photos
Cold Play-A Rush of Blood to the Head
Lemonheads-It's a Shame about Ray
Tori Amos-Under the Pink
Tori Amos-Scarlet's Walk
Propaghandi-How to Clean Everything.

Email me with any questions. They are used, but I've checked them all over and they play perfectly with very minimal scratches on some, but most have none.



1- Watts -pigmartyr 2004 Grand Recordings.
Created by PiG, but released under 'Watts' name.
feat. raymond watts, eden, steve white, joolz hodgeson, andy selway, arianne
Must have for Raymond Watts / PiG fans.
used. sexy (excellent) condition. no scratches/creases on sleeve/chips/cracks(in case)
practically brand new -shrink wrap!

Price: $15

Otherwise, only available online!

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Vinyl. New. Never opened.
Bought from on-line record store 5 months ago.
3 tracks per side. No idea if the hidden track is on vinyl because I've never played it!
Asking Price: $12
call 470-0438 for more details if needed.