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wanted garage-punk-trash/noise-rock/industrial-punk video/DVD 
04:19pm 23/06/2009

wanted rare live video/DVD shows to trade of noise-rock/industrial-punk,etc
I have tons to trade of stuff to
trade at
hold the flames please 
11:56pm 20/05/2006
  Im looking for some opera, particularly stuff by Wagner. Maybe your parents have some stashed away, whatever. Lemme know!  
over 100 anime vhs 
06:08pm 04/12/2005
  go HERE
take a look
everything is $1.

i have 108 VHS tapes for sale.
90% is animation, some other stuff.
expecting to expand the list in january. need to sell it all!!! everything is $1.
click here to look
cds for sale! 
02:20pm 03/07/2005
  $3 each or all for $50.00.
The Tea Party-Triptych
John Mayer-Room for Squares
Ani Difranco-Out of Range
Eric Clapton-Unplugged
Sinead O'Connor-Faith and Courage
Magnolia Soundtrack
Temple of the Dog-
Counting Crows-Recovering the Satellites
Matthew Good Band-Beautiful Midnight
Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream
Sarah MacLachlan-Surfacing
Our Lady Peace-Gravity
Ben Folds Five-Naked Baby Photos
Cold Play-A Rush of Blood to the Head
Lemonheads-It's a Shame about Ray
Tori Amos-Under the Pink
Tori Amos-Scarlet's Walk
Propaghandi-How to Clean Everything.

Email me with any questions. They are used, but I've checked them all over and they play perfectly with very minimal scratches on some, but most have none.

08:16pm 17/12/2004
  1- Watts -pigmartyr 2004 Grand Recordings.
Created by PiG, but released under 'Watts' name.
feat. raymond watts, eden, steve white, joolz hodgeson, andy selway, arianne
Must have for Raymond Watts / PiG fans.
used. sexy (excellent) condition. no scratches/creases on sleeve/chips/cracks(in case)
practically brand new -shrink wrap!

Price: $15

Otherwise, only available online!
12:47pm 09/12/2004

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05:20pm 12/10/2004
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11:28am 06/10/2004
Vinyl. New. Never opened.
Bought from on-line record store 5 months ago.
3 tracks per side. No idea if the hidden track is on vinyl because I've never played it!
Asking Price: $12
call 470-0438 for more details if needed.
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08:54pm 15/09/2004
  rammstein - Sehnsucht $5
no doubt - tragic kingdom $4
big shiny tunes 5 - $5
rob zombie - sinister - $2
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04:04pm 23/08/2004
  Posted in: winnipeg_metal, winnipeg, wpg_tapetrading

New Winnipeg Metal website address: winnipegmetal.cjb.net
08:48pm 16/08/2004
  Hi, I'm looking for the following movies, on either VCD/VHS/DVD.

The Usual Suspects
Pretty In Pink
Fight Club
L.A. Confidential
Reservoir Dogs
Nightmare On Elm Street
Big Fish
The Sixth Sence

I'm also looking for some japanese/hong kong horror/drama/thriller copies of movies, or someone that will sell the the originals to me for a good price. Let me know. <3
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TONIGHT: Pretention Fest @ the Albert 
02:54pm 14/08/2004

Doors @ 10 - $7 - 18+
Stuff for Sale 
10:16pm 01/06/2004
  Here are this weeks Sales...
All prices are negotiable
(things that dissappear have been sold)

1. KMFDM - A drug against war t-shirt size "L" $10
2. KMFDM - Money Hoody size "L" (more like a medium) $25
3. NIN - "96,97 Nothing" shirt size "XL" $10

5. Fishnet T-shirt $8
6. The Cure "Picture Show" VHS (videos and mixes) $5
7. The String Tribute to the Cure "Whisper" $7
8.fuzzy black pants. size 10 womens $5
9. Spawn T-shirt (black) $5

Porcupine Tree - the sky moves sideways $8

Spacehog- resident alien $2
Nitzer ebb - ebbhead $5
Dream Theater - awake $5
Clawfinger - pin me down single $3
Clawfinger Tomorrow single - $3
HIM - heartache every moment $6
Die Krupps II - the final option - $8
My Life with the thrill kill kult - A crime for all seasons $6
Downfall - My Last Prayer - $5
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11:32pm 09/04/2004
  Yeah, the extra exclamation marks mean extra wondrousness.

I am moving soon: and I'm just not willing to drag all my CDs around with me.

I sold a whole whack to all the various stores, however I still have at least 100 CDs that I can't sell... either because they're obviously promo copies (i.e. have PROMO PROMO PROMO stamped all over them, or came in only a promo jewel case) or because the stores already have enough.

So, I am holding a CD sale... ALL CDS $1.00Collapse )
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04:10am 31/03/2004
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awesome show happening tonight, come check it out! 
02:29pm 21/02/2004
mood: excited
rich in stompy goodness. 
12:08am 11/02/2004
mood: good
11:23pm 03/02/2004
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For those of you interested 
12:56am 31/01/2004
mood: busy
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01:39pm 27/01/2004
mood: accomplished
i seem to recall duppy_conqeuror saying it was ok to post posters for upcoming events and shit on here, so here you go.

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